• Corporate Desk

    A stylish desk that suits both executive offices and administration work spaces.

    Table Dimensions
    1600mm x 600mm
    1800mm x 600mm
    2100mm x 600mm
    1600mm x 800mm
    1800mm x 800mm
    2100mm x 800mm

    Edge Detail

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    Corporate Tops

    13mm DuraTough.
    This is a durable moisture resistant panel with Black Sharknose Edge detail.

    • Seasoned Oak
      Seasoned Oak Finish
    • Sublime Teak
      Sublime Teak Finish

    Corporate Tops Premium

    13mm DuraTough Premium
    Our extremely tough and moisture resistant DuraTough now comes with a premium soft touch matte finish, which is fingerprint, stain and scratch resistant.

    • Soft Matte Black
      Soft Matte Black Finish
    • Soft Matte White
      Soft Matte White Finish


    Durable hardwearing scratch resistant powder coated steel frame.

    • Textura Balck
      Textura Balck Finish
    • Textura White
      Textura White Finish