• DuraPos™ with Options

    The versatility of the DuraPos™ chair lends itself to the addition of a removable tablet arm, book holder and bag holder. Ideal for use in exams, lectures, seminars or halls.

    Stack to a maximum of 10 high when tablet and book/bag holders are removed.

    Bag Holder
    Book Holder

    Flip tablet for easy access

    Steel Frame Options

    Durable powder-coated steel frame for strength and support.

    • Black
      Black Finish
    • Charcoal
      Charcoal Finish
    • Hammertone
      Hammertone Finish
    • Light Grey
      Light Grey Finish
    • Parakeet
      Parakeet Finish
    • Pewter
      Pewter Finish
    • Royal Blue
      Royal Blue Finish
    • Silver Pearl
      Silver Pearl Finish
    • Tangerine
      Tangerine Finish
    • White
      White Finish

    DuraPos Plastic

    • Avocado
      Avocado Finish
    • Bluegum
      Bluegum Finish
    • Cobalt
      Cobalt Finish
    • Midnight
      Midnight Finish
    • Mist
      Mist Finish
    • Pacific
      Pacific Finish
    • Plum
      Plum Finish
    • Pumpkin
      Pumpkin Finish
    • Raspberry
      Raspberry Finish

    18mm E0 Decorwood

    This is a medium density ?breboard bonded on both sides with hard wearing melamine decorative surface. The wood content used is 60% pre-consumer recycled and 40% reclaimed silviculture ?bre. Edges are sealed and coated with a black or clear polyurethane edge. These tops contain no PVC.
    Note : Timber grain finishes may have colour variations.

    • White
      White Finish
    • Oyster Grey
      Oyster Grey Finish
    • Parchment
      Parchment Finish
    • Curly Birch
      Curly Birch Finish
    • Seasoned Oak
      Seasoned Oak Finish
    • Sublime Teak
      Sublime Teak Finish
    • Zincworks
      Zincworks Finish
    • Diamond
      Diamond Finish
    • Ironstone
      Ironstone Finish
    • Steel Blue
      Steel Blue Finish
    • Nordic Terra
      Nordic Terra Finish
    • Olympia Blue
      Olympia Blue Finish
    • Olympia Yellow
      Olympia Yellow Finish
    • Mandarin
      Mandarin Finish
    • Olympia Red
      Olympia Red Finish
    • Juicy
      Juicy Finish
    • Diamond Gloss Whiteboard
      Diamond Gloss Whiteboard Finish

    Height Dimensions

    Click here to view our optimal height guide.

    • 420
    • 460
    • 500