• Mobile Bag & Coat Trolley

    Made from our trademark DuraTough range the mobile bag and coat trolley provides double sided storage for up to 30 school bags. This trolley creates more flexibility by moving school bags away from vital classroom space. With heavy duty castors and robust construction, the MB&CT is a vital element in Flexible learning environments reducing clutter and maximizing space.

    1460mm (h) x 1800mm (w) x 780mm (d)

    13mm DuraTough™.

    This is a durable decorative panel made from thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. The tops are extremely durable and moisture resistant. This is an E1 rated product.
    Note : Timber grain finishes may have colour variations.

    • White
      White Finish
    • Oyster Grey
      Oyster Grey Finish
    • Parchment
      Parchment Finish
    • Curly Birch
      Curly Birch Finish
    • Seasoned Oak
      Seasoned Oak Finish
    • sublime Teak
      sublime Teak Finish
    • Zincworks
      Zincworks Finish
    • Diamond
      Diamond Finish
    • Ironstone
      Ironstone Finish
    • Steel Blue
      Steel Blue Finish
    • Nordic Terra
      Nordic Terra Finish
    • Olympia Blue
      Olympia Blue Finish
    • Olympia Yellow
      Olympia Yellow Finish
    • Mandarin
      Mandarin Finish
    • Olympia Red
      Olympia Red Finish
    • Juicy
      Juicy Finish
    • Amethyst
      Amethyst Finish