• PantoFlex™

    German designed ergo-dynamic student seating – a design to enhance the quality of life. Designed by one of the world’s greatest furniture designers, Verner Panton.

    Today children sit down so much that it influences their lives and well-being, which is why attention should be given to ‘the school as a place of work’. The design breakthrough of the body moulded shell assists the developing musculoskeletal system in children and adolescents.

    The PantoFlex™ chair promotes proper posture, better blood and oxygen circulation, correct muscle position and increased attention span allowing a variety of sitting positions.

    Airflows through the double skin of the unique body moulded shell giving a cushioning effect and also long-term seating comfort in all climates.

    The high tensile frame body moulded shell, fastening components and glides have been tested to and exceeded ten compressions of 1800N of downward force and 200,000 compressions of 950N of downward force.

    Foot Option
    Plastic glides for carpet floors
    2 Component glides for linoleum, timber and vinyl floors

    Specification Sheet

    Steel Frame Options

    Durable powder-coated steel frame for strength and support.

    • Black
      Black Finish
    • Charcoal
      Charcoal Finish
    • Hammertone
      Hammertone Finish
    • Light Grey
      Light Grey Finish
    • Parakeet
      Parakeet Finish
    • Pewter
      Pewter Finish
    • Royal Blue
      Royal Blue Finish
    • Silver Pearl
      Silver Pearl Finish
    • Tangerine
      Tangerine Finish
    • White
      White Finish

    Panto Plastic

    • Cobalt
      Cobalt Finish
    • Midnight
      Midnight Finish
    • Raspberry
      Raspberry Finish
    • Sky Blue
      Sky Blue Finish
    • Orange
      Orange Finish
    • Lime
      Lime Finish

    Height Dimensions

    Click here to view our optimal height guide.

    • 300
    • 340
    • 380
    • 420
    • 460
    • 500