• PantoMove 3D™

    The body needs movement to keep the brain and muscles supplied with blood.
    This smart chair does not restrict movement, it encourages it positively.

    Ergo-Dynamic gas lift swivel chairs designed to optimally adapt to the natural need to sit and move.

    The rocking and swivel movement of the chair encourages the natural movements of the body

    Foot Option
    2 Component Glide

    Specification Sheet

    Panto Plastic

    • Cobalt
      Cobalt Finish
    • Midnight
      Midnight Finish
    • Raspberry
      Raspberry Finish
    • Sky Blue
      Sky Blue Finish
    • Orange
      Orange Finish
    • Lime
      Lime Finish

    Height Dimensions

    Click here to view our optimal height guide.

    370mm to 455mm

    450mm to 570mm